When starting up a business, one step that many people overlook is getting a dedicated IT person for your team. There are several benefits that an on-call IT person can have for the safety and productivity of your business. 

Backing Up Your Information

In order to keep your data safe, it's important to have several copies of everything your employees are working on. This means that you will need to keep several hard drives in sync with your main server in order to back up the company files and the files on each workstation computer. A dedicated IT person can do the work of switching out the hard drives on a regular schedule as well as making sure that each copy of your server is working. 

Dealing with Viruses Quickly

It is possible to have an IT person come in specifically for the purpose of dealing with viruses on your workstation computers. However, if you have a regular IT person doing maintenance on your computers, they will be more familiar with your system and can fix the problems more easily. For instance, they will be aware of specific information and file systems that are vulnerable to attack, and they can monitor problems that arise from viruses that attack these file systems. 

Managing Security

With the changing landscape of information technology, there are new security threats all the time. If you hire someone to keep your computing system healthy, they can keep an eye out to make sure that you have up-to-date firewalls, antivirus software, and encryption to protect your data. 

Providing On-Call IT Support to Customers

When part of your services are online, it is critical to have an IT support person who can field questions from your clients. If part of a website becomes non-functional or a customer is having technical difficulties, you risk losing business unless someone knowledgeable can help your customers through their frustrations. An IT person can resolve many of the technical problems, but they may need to refer your problem over to a software developer if there are serious problems with your technologies. 

One of the beneficial things about getting an on-call person is that you can use their IT services as much or as little as you need. While providing critical help behind the scenes, a good IT consultant will allow your business to remain functional, without adding the cost of an in-house IT team. 

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